Lee Jian Zhen

Young Choral Academy

Programmes involved:

Lee Jian Zhen was born in Kuala Lumpur in the year 1997. Jian Zhen found his love in choral music when he first joined his high school choir, SMK Kepong Choir, at the age of 15. He
graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 2019, majoring in voice. He is currently studying in Sunway University Music Performance Programme, majoring in Classical Singing under the tutelage of Mr Terence Au.

As a chorister, he has been very active since he first joined the Young Choral Academy Youth Choir in 2015. He has performed in places such as Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore,
Macau, Hong Kong, Hoi An, Bali, and Manila. Some of the most notable performance including Young Malaysian Go Classics 2 as chorister and soloist; The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour as chorister, Soundbridge 2017 as chorister, and Symphony for Our World performed by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra as chorister and soloist, and the National Liberation Day Choral Festival of South Korea as the chorister. He was selected in the Asia Pacific Youth Choir 2019 and 2023, representing Malaysia.

Jian Zhen has been the Artistic Director of Voka Chamber Choir (previously known as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Vocal Ensemble) since 2017 and has led them to participate in numerous performances. The choir participated in the Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod International Choir Festival in the year 2022 and 2023, obtaining Gold Award in the Vocal Ensemble category for both occasions.

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