Our Learning & Engagement programme is at the core of our work, and involves thousands of people in the joy of music-making. The projects we create are rooted in our residency communities. Through high quality, relevant and compelling programmes, we aim to inspire, excite, empower and engage a broad range of participants. As committed collaborators we design our projects with a wide range of partners, from residency venues and music education hubs to community groups and local authorities.

Art of Phrasing

Grasp the fundamentals of phrasing from esteemed educators as they guide you through various common band and orchestral excerpts, sharing the nuances and techniques for playing these musical passages.
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Local Cultures in Music

Experience the harmony between tradition and innovation! Immerse yourself in our archive of vibrant performances that blend local culture with classical and contemporary melodies.
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Dive into one of our most indispensable resources - concert recordings, which remain invaluable be it for students, professionals, or enthusiasts. Rewatching past performances not only offers the opportunity to relive the experience, but also to glean new insights.
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