At Rondo Production, we believe in the profound impact of music on individuals, communities, and society. Everyone deserves to enjoy music in one way or another.
While we are excited to explore new avenues and embrace alternative routes, we cannot achieve them alone. We rely on the generosity of patrons to sustain our programmes.

Join us in sharing the joy of music and in shaping the tomorrow of our arts scene. Your donation will enable us to provide the platforms that support promising local talents, as well as improve accessibility to quality music education within the community.
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Every donation is a gift that keeps giving. Your generous gesture helps sustain our programmes and support our productions onstage and offstage, from performing opportunities to training sessions to community engagement.

It means a lot to us to have your support. Every donation is greatly appreciated, even a small one!
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Corporate gifts

Corporations and businesses of all sizes can get involved in making exciting work happen in the community. You can positively associate your company with one of Malaysia's leading music organisations as a sponsor. Through our programmes, your company can contribute to the community, benefit your employees and customers, and build brand recognition. Our collaboration is tailored to your needs.
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Young Explorer Scholarship (YES) Fund offers financial assistance to youth, which does not require any repayment. We aim to make music programmes and concerts accessible to young people, since arts are an integral part of a well-rounded education. We believe that gaining an early exposure to the arts would be an unforgettable, enriching experience for them.
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Each year, we host numerous concerts and educational productions, and our dedicated volunteers play a significant role in our success.

As a volunteer, you'll have the chance to collaborate with internationally acclaimed artists and enjoy complimentary access to our productions. Every volunteer role begins with a comprehensive induction session, and if needed, additional training will be provided.
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