RondoFest Music Festival Marks Fifth Year Milestone with a New Programme

Tue, Jan 30, 2024
Continuing its efforts to champion classical music education, Rondo Production announces the much-anticipated return of its annual RondoFest Music Festival.

Life News Agency


Now in its fifth year, the 2024 edition is organised in partnership with the Young Choral Academy. RondoFest 2024 is set to take place at SENTRAL College Penang for the bulk of the programme, while the Closing Gala concert will be staged at Majestic Theatre, Penang.


The festival spans five days starting 11 June, featuring immersive and innovative activities including individual lessons, masterclasses, workshops, and performance opportunities to provide participants the exposure needed to propel their careers forward. In addition to hosting a full orchestra and conducting students, this year’s festival welcomes horisters
who will be an integral part of its new choral programme.


Upholding its promise to present a dynamic platform that encourages cultural exchange, RondoFest 2024 opens its doors to artists and students from across 10 nations, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, to connect and collaborate. Regardless of experience or expertise, the programme epitomises Rondo Production’s commitment towards increasing accessibility to classical music education by offering a diverse topics of varying levels for attendees of different backgrounds.


At its core, RondoFest 2024, held from 11 to 15 June 2024, not only seeks to present high-quality programmes and high-calibre music-making, but the festival will also foster a deeper appreciation for this timeless art form. Participants will receive holistic training in performance techniques, career development, audition preparation, and other facets of music. The festival elevates the local creative landscape thanks to the staunch support of entities such as the Embassies of Netherlands and Italy in Malaysia, ABRSM, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta, The Wembley – A St Giles Hotel, Penang, SENTRAL College and more.


“Collaborative music-making on a platform like RondoFest Music Festival has brought immeasurable and immense joy to many for the past four years. We are grateful that the festival has been recognised as key player in nurturing a close-knit community of talents hailing from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries,” shares Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kenny Ooi, adding, “This year, we are excited to expand our already extensive programme and welcome vocal participants for the new choral programme. RondoFest 2024 is certainly set for a transformative experience.”


Susanna Saw, Director of Young Choral Academy adds, “We are delighted to join forces as the co-presenter of RondoFest 2024. Our commitment goes beyond collaboration; curating a distinctive choral programme that will resonate with the festival’s spirit of cultural enrichment. Join us for a monumental finale of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony,
interwoven with other captivating pieces. We look forward to witnessing the immense talent from Southeast Asia that will make RondoFest an unforgettable celebration of music and unity.”


Furthermore, Rondo Production has established a partnership with the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), which encourages joint artistic collaboration between both parties, particularly through RondoFest where EUYO alumni are welcomed as part of the festival’s artist faculty. Music transcends borders and ties like this enables both parties to unite aspiring talents and avid enthusiasts from all over the world.


Currently, for keen individuals who wish to be part of the festival as active participants, Phase 1 registration for instrumental, choral and conducting categories are available, fees range from RM200 to RM720 per pax. Observer passes to attend the workshops and masterclasses will be made available later on.


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